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Show Notes for Friday, 2/24/2023


Good morning! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Tim Glemkowski from the upcoming National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis to share how they’re preparing, and how it’s meant to connect to the Eucharistic Revival. Other guests include Bobby Schindler from the Life and Hope Network, and Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo from the Institute of Catholic Culture and Fr. Jonathan Duncan from the Diocese of Charleston to preview the Sunday Mass readings. Plus news, weather, sports and more…


Prayer to St. Jude for the sick

St. Jude, you witnessed the healing power of our Lord Jesus.  You saw His compassion for the sick and dying.  You yourself touched the sick, shared the sorrows of the mournful, and encouraged the despairing.  You received this authority and healing power to work wonders, to cure the incurable, to make people whole.  We ask you to intercede with our brother, Jesus, to send His saving grace to heal the sickness and suffering of all who are ill, to uplift their despondent spirits, and to instill hope in their hearts. Amen.


Tim Glemkowski is online at eucharisticrevival.org.

Britton Buckner is online at crs.org.

Msgr Charles Pope is online at blog.adw.org.

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