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Show Notes for Wednesday, 11/11/2020

Happy Veteran’s Day, and happy feast of St. Martin of Tours! On today’s show, Mike Aquilina will talk more about St. Martin, the soldier who became a bishop. Other guests include Dr. John Bergsma on the geography of the events that take place in the book of Genesis, Gary Zimak on gentleness as a fruit of the Spirit, and Dr. Matthew Bunson with some thoughts on yesterday’s release of the McCarrick Report. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…

Mike Aquilina is online at fathersofthechurch.com.

Gary Zimak is online at followingthetruth.com.

Dr. John Bergsma is online at franciscan.edu.

Dr. Matthew Bunson is online at ewtnnews.com.

Fr. Philip-Michael Tangorra, author of Holiness and Living the Sacramental Life

Steve Ray is online at catholicconvert.com.

Marlon de la Torre is online at knowingisdoing.org.

Karlo Broussard is online at catholic.com.

Fr. Frank Donio is online at catholicapostolatecenter.org.

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio is online at dritaly.com.

Msgr. Charles Pope is online at blog.adw.org.


A Prayer for Veterans

O God,
by whose mercy the faithful departed find rest,
look kindly on your departed veterans who gave their
lives in the service of their country.
Grant that through the passion, death, and resurrection of your Son
they may share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom
and rejoice in you with your saints forever.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
Credit: milarch.org.