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Show Notes for Tuesday, 6/20/2023


Good morning! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Jennifer Bryson, a Catholic convert who once worked in interrogation at Guantanamo, to reflect on the pope’s monthly prayer intention about ending torture. Other guest include Kris McGregor on St. Cyprian and the Lord’s Prayer, and Fr. Boniface Hicks about his new book on consecration to Jesus. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…


Morning prayer of John Henry Newman

May the Lord support us all the day long,
Till the shades lengthen and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over,
and our work is done.
Then in his mercy may he give us a safe lodging,
and holy rest, and peace at the last.


A piece on Jennifer Bryson, former Guantanamo interrogator, is online at catholicnewsagency.com.

Fr. Thomas Berg writes at churchlifejournal.nd.edu.

Full list of guests