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Show Notes for Tuesday, 10/3/2023


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Happy feast of St. Theodore Guerin! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell discuss the life and witness of this French nun who did ministry in Indiana. Guests include Dr. Matthew Bunson on the dubia presented by a group of cardinals regarding the synod, Kris McGregor on Our Lady of the Rosary, and Fr. Boniface Hicks with more thoughts on personal prayer. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…


Mother Theodore Guerin Prayer

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin,
valiant woman of God,
intercede for us in our needs.

Implore for us through Jesus, the Christ,
the gifts of a living faith,
abiding hope
and steadfast charity,

so that
through a life of prayer
and service with others
we may aid in promoting
the Providence of God
among all peoples.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, pray for us.


Prayer from spsmw.org


Tim Glemkowski mentioned this Wednesday’s webinar on the Eucharist with Bishop Cozzens.

Dr. Jeffrey Morrow, contributor to A Catholic Guide to the Old Testament

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