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Show Notes for Thursday, 9/5/2019


Happy feast of Mother Teresa of Calcutta! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell talk with legal and political correspondent Ken Craycraft about the foundress of the Missionaries of Charity spoke out against abortion legislation in the United States. Other guests include Joseph Pearce on the modernist philosophy of Ginger the Cat in C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle, Kevin Prendergast on reaching out to at-risk loved ones during Suicide Prevention Month, and Rachel Swarns on a piece she wrote for the New York Times on how one order of Catholic religious sisters has tried to make reparations for owning slaves in the early 1800’s. Plus news, weather, sports and more…

Joseph Pearce, author of Further Up and Further In: Understanding Narnia

Ken Craycraft is online at craycraftlaw.com.

Rachel Swarns on how the Georgetown Visitation sisters are trying to make reparations for their slave-trading past is online at The New York Times.

Kevin Prendergast is online at athenaeum.edu.

Dr. John Bergsma, author of Psalm Basics for Catholics

Rita Heikenfeld is online at abouteating.com.

Brad Barnes is online at catholiccincinnati.org.

Matt Weber, author of Fearing the Stigmata

Pete Burak is online at id916.com.

Dr. Michael Barber, author of Salvation: What Every Catholic Should Know