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Show Notes for Thursday, 10/31/2019

Happy Halloween! And since October 31 is also “Reformation Day,” Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell will discuss why Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses when he did. Guests include Dr. Paul Thigpen, author of “Saints Who Saw Hell,” Trent Horn with apologetic arguments as to why the crucified Jesus is neither a rotting corpse nor a zombie, Tom Nash on what the practice of Satanic “black masses” tells us about the reality of the Eucharist, and pastoral counselor Kevin Prendergast with sleep hygiene tips ahead of this weekend’s time change. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…

Trent Horn, author of Counterfeit Christs

Paul Thigpen, author of Saints Who Saw Hell.

Tom Nash’s article on what “black masses” tell us about the Eucharist is up at catholic.com.

Kevin Prendergast is online at athenaeum.edu.

Dr. John Bergsma, author of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Rita Heikenfeld is online at abouteating.com.

Dr. Matthew Bunson is online at ncregister.com.

Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP is online at pursuedbytruth.com.

Matt Weber, author of Fearing the Stigmata