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The Rosary is a Place
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Show Notes for Monday, 1/25/2021


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Happy feast of the Conversion of St. Paul! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Fr. Jim Loughran from the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement to share why they chose this feast to conclude the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Other guests include Kevin Schmiesing with This Week in Catholic History, Brendan Hodge on the economics of abortion, Bear Woznick on the importance of family in a world more focused on politics, and Bill Schmitt from OnWord.net to unpack yesterday’s World Communications Day message from Pope Francis. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…

Kevin Schmiesing is online at fvinstitute.com.

Joseph Pearce is online at jpearce.co.

Fr. Jim Loughran is online at geii.org.

Bear Woznick is online at deepadventure.com.

Brandon McGinley, author of The Prodigal Church.

Teresa Tomeo is online at teresatomeo.com.

Brendan Hodge, author of If You Can Get It

, is online at darwincatholic.com and pillar catholic.com.
Bill Schmitt is online at OnWord.net.

David Kissell and Ryan Lopez are online at aocstewardship.org.

Fr. Boniface Hicks is online at fatherboniface.org.

Dr. Jim Schroeder is online at james-schroeder.com.


Prayer from the Year of St. Paul

Glorious Saint Paul,
Most zealous apostle,
Martyr for the love of Christ,
Give us a deep faith,
A steadfast hope,
A burning love for our Lord,
So that we can proclaim with you,
‘It is no longer I who live,
But Christ who lives in me.’

Help us to become apostles,
Serving the Church with a pure heart,
Witnesses to her truth and beauty
Amidst the darkness of our days.
With you we praise God our Father:
‘To him be the glory, in the Church
And in Christ,
Now and forever.’ Amen.