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Mark Randall

Mark Randall made the bold decision to use his expertise in entrepreneurship and business management to serve the Catholic Church more than 20 years ago.

His journey began after owning a catering company during college and working in the hotel industry. He traveled to Belgium to apprentice as a chocolatier, raised his own venture capital, and opened a gourmet food company at the age of 23. Next, Mark helped establish a financial technology venture that is today the leading provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions.

Since then, Mark has served both start-up and long-established Catholic organizations including
St. John’s Catholic Newman Center at the University of Illinois where he led a $42 million
expansion of the facility, and as Vice President at Wyoming Catholic College. Today, Mark is
the Executive Director for the Pontifical North American College, the American seminary in
Rome, Italy. He oversees all US operations and leads the team based at the United States
Conference of Catholic Bishops headquarters in Washington, DC.

Mark is also the co-founder and managing member of The Drexel Group, LLC, a boutique
consulting firm dedicated to bringing entrepreneurial vision to the day-to-day mission-fulfillment
of Catholic organizations throughout the United States and Europe.

He is a board member, event chairman, and Master of Ceremonies for the annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, and speaks frequently at conferences and group events.