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Wednesday, 7/24/19, Driving Home the Faith

Happy Feast of St. Charbel! In hour one, Father Rob and Jeanne Mancini will discuss that there are only six shopping months before the next March for Life, Lizette and Adolfo Lantigua will introduce us to Good News! Book Fairs, and Fr. Rob will talk about Divine Hospitality.

In hour two, Karen Zengel of SVDP-NKY will talk about volunteer opportunities and what it means to be a Vincentian, Abby Johnson will talk about her ministry to help people who work in the abortion industry find new work, and Christ Reynolds of the Couple to Couple League will talk about Natural Family Planning Week.

The March for Life is online at MarchforLife.org
Good News! Book Fairs are online at GoodNewsBookFair.com
SVDP-NKY is online at svdpnky.org
Get Abby Johnson’s book “Unplanned” 
And Then There Were None is online at abortionworker.com
The Couple to Couple League is online at ccli.org

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