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Wednesday, 01/05/22, Driving Home the Faith


Happy Feast of St. John Neumann! Today, Maryknoll Fr. Joe Thaler will talk with Fr. Rob about his mission work in Nepal, legal analyst Ken Craycraft will outline the cases the Supreme Court will hear in an extraordinary session Friday, and more — plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.
The Archdiocese of  Cincinnati Office of Mission and the Pontifical Mission Societies is online at catholicaoc.org
Maryknoll is online at maryknoll.org
Disaster Services Corp.-SVDP USA is online at svdpdisaster.org
Find Ken Craycraft online at thecatholictelegraph.com and catholicherald.co.uk
Read “Life Stinks. Merry Christmas!” at CatholicCulture.org
Read “The World is Undergoing a Spiritual Aftermath” at catholicexchange.com
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