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Tuesday, 6/30/19, Driving Home the Faith


Happy Feast of St. John Chrysologus! In hour one, Scott Weeman contiues his series on the 12 Steps and the Sacraments, Father John Barunek discusses his book, “Spiritual But Not Religious,” and Fr. Rob shares an item from his reading list.

In hour two Greg Wasinski will discuss the 10th anniversary of Let Me Be… Ministries, artist Matthew Alderman will evaluate the transformation of the Crystal Cathedral (the site for televangelist Robert Shuler’s weekly broadcasts) to Christ Cathedral (the new cathedral for Orange County, California), and producer Gail Finke will update us on events in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Get Sccot Weeman’s “The Twelve Steps and the Sacraments”
Get Fr. John Bartunek’s “Spiritual But Not Religious”
David Carlin’s “Why We Still Need Sacred Things” is at TheCatholicThing.org
Let Me Be… Ministries is online at lmbminc.org
Matthew Alderman Studios are one at MatthewAlderman.com
Matthew Alderman’s artticle on Christ Cathedarl is at NewLiturgicalMovement.org

Today’s Books: