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Tuesday, 08/24/21, Driving Home the Faith


Happy feast of St. Bartholomew! Today, Wollenstoncraft Project Director Erika Bachiochi will talk with Fr. Rob about how modern feminists began to value “choice” over what is being chosen; homeschooling consultant Erika Ahern will give her top two tips for beginning a homeschooling year (and for life!) and more — plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.
Read “How Did Abortion Become a ‘Woman’s Right?” online at thebostonpilot.com
The Wollenstonecraft Project at the Abigail Adams Institute is online at abigailadamsinstitute.org
Aid to the Church in Need is online at churchinneed.org
Read Shane Idelman’s letter to pastors at shaneidelman.com
VerityEd is online at verityed.com
Watch Erika Ahern’s homeschooling pep talk at YouTube.com
Adventure Catholic Leadership Training is online at adventurecatholic.com
The Angelico Project is online at angelicoproject.org