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Tuesday, 04/06/21, Driving Home the Faith

Happy Easter! Today, Catholic biotethicist Josef Zalot joins us to talk about President Biden’s disturbing support of transgenderism and gender ideology; Dr. Ray Hebert of Thoms More University’s Institue for Religious Liberty tells us how to get a Zoom invitation to their upcoming address on higher education and “publick happiness,” and more — plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.
The Catholic Telegraph is online at TheCatholicTelegraph.com
The National Catholic Bioethics Center is online at ncbCenter.org
The Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Marian Pilgrimage is online at Mary2021.org
Thomas More University’s Institute for Religious Liberty is online at ThomasMore.edu
Sign up for the April 15 IRL event online at KentonLibrary.evanced.info
Adventure Catholic Leadership Training is online at AdventureCatholic.com
Read “The Importance of Renewing our Baptismal Vows” online at CatholicExchange.com
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