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Show Notes for Wednesday, 06/05/24


Today, Elise Frederick tells us how we can help (or join!) the Mission Doctors Association, Professor Ken Craycraft finishes his series about how to be a good citizen and a good Catholic, and much more!

Elizabeth’s New Life Center is at enlc.life

The Mission Doctors Association is at missiondoctors.org

Lay Mission Helpers (aiding the Mission Doctors Assn.) is at laymissionhelpers.org

Sign up for Mary’s Pro-Life Boot Camp at prolifebootcamp.org

Find articles by Ken Craycraft at thecatholictelegraph.comcatholicherald.co.uk, and oursundayvisitor.com

Get “Citizens Yet Strangers” at osvcatholicbookstore.com

Read “Jesus’ Eucharistic Obedience” at catholicexchange.com