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Show Notes for Tuesday, 02/20/24


Today, Laura Curran of Pregnancy Center Plus talks with Fr. Rob about the pregnancy after sexual assault–often thought of an allowable exception from abortion restrictions–Holy Cross Priest Fr. Stephen Wilbricht explains how  we’ve lost the Catholic understanding of funerals (and how the true one relates to baptism!) and much more.

Pregnancy Center Plus is at pcplus.org and supportpcplus.org

Get “The Sexual Revolution: History, Ideology, Power” at ignatius.com

Find the March 14-16 “Dying, Death, and Beyond: A Catholic Response” retreats and scores of other Catholic events at sacredheartradio.com/events

Get “Baptismal Ecclesiology and the Order of Christian Funerals” at ltp.org

Adventure Catholic Leadership Training is at adventurcatholic.com

Get “Failing Forward” at sophiainstitute.com

The Franciscan Daughters of Mary are at fdofmary.org