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Show Notes for Thursday, 11/03/22


Today, Jessica Renaudo tells us what’s in this month’s issue of The Catholic Telegraph; Jason Hall, President of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, tells us what’s in Kentucky Issue 2 and what it would mean to Kentucky residents, and more — plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.

“The Catholic Telegraph” is at thecatholictelegraph.com

Fr. Nathan Cromly is at saintjohninstitute.org and eagleeyeministries.org

Sign up for the Nov. 5 Women’s Retreat at ST IGNATIUS LOYOLA CHURCH (not in Kentucky, as said on the air) with Fr. Nathan Cromly at eagleeyeministries.brushfire.com

Read The Messenger online at covdio.org

The Catholic Conference of Kentucky is at ccky.org

Yes for Life Kentucky is at yesforlifeky.com

Read the Kentucky bishops on Issue 2 at therecordnewspaper.org

The Ruth Institute is at ruthinstitute.org

Get The Sexual State at tanbooks.com