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Show Notes for Thursday, 10/26/23


Today, Dominican friar Fr. Joachim Kenney invites us all to an All Saints Eve Vigil — Dominican style; Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute looks behind the tawdry tabloid story of pop singer Brittany Spears to show how her unwanted abortion at age 19 shows that young women are often pressured into abortions they regret for life, and much more.

Find the All Saints Vigil at St. Gertrude at sacredheartradio.com/events

Find more about Issue One at catholicaoc.org/voteno

Click to watch Philip Williamson’s Issue One Facts video 

Read “The Messenger” at CovDio.org

SVDP-St. Martin is at runforthepoor.org

The Ruth Institute is at ruthinstitute.org

Get “The Sexual State” at tanbooks.com