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Show Notes for Thursday, 06/13/24


Today, Jim Slouffman tells us about a Cincinnati festival with roots in the German middle ages, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse suggests we stop thinking only of people who consider themselves “gay” and start thinking of the people who no longer consider themselves such, and more.

Schutzenfest 2024 is at schutzenfestcincy.com

Read “The Messenger” at covdio.org

The Franciscan Friars of the Atonement are at atonementfriars.org; click here for their St. Anthony Prayer Corner

The Ruth Institute is at ruthinstitute.org

Get “The Sexual State” at tanbooks.com

Read “Leaving ‘Pride’ Behind…” at ncregister.com

Download “Refuting the Top 5 Gay Myths” at ruthinstitute.org