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Show Notes for Monday, 03/04/24


Today, attorney Nicole Pearson talks with us about the film based on Eric Metaxis’s bestelling book, “Letter to the American Church,” Sean Connolly of Old St. Mary’s Church tells us about Lenten oratorio/cantata cycle composed by one of the greatest influences on the music of JS Bach, and much more.

“Letter to the American Church” is at letterottheamericanchurch.com

Preorder “The World is Too Small: The Life and Times of Mother Cabrini” at sophiainstitute.com

Preorder “The Mother Cabrini Companion” at sophiainsitute.com

Read “Catholic Discipline” at catholicexchange.com

Old St. Mary’s Church is at oldstmarys.org

Courage is a Habit is at courageisahabit.org

Click to download the “Dossier of Useful Idiots”