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Show Notes for Friday, 11/25/22

Enjoy a selection of the best of our interviews and commentaries.

Dr. Edward Feser blogs at edwardfeser.blogspot.com

Get All One in Christ: A Critique of Racism and Critical Race Theory at Ignatius.com

Read “The Best Marriage Prep is Adult Prep” at crisismagazine.com

Ruah Woods Psychological Services is at rwpsych.org

Them Before Us is at thembeforeus.com

Fr. Ed Broom is at fatherbroom.com

Get Compendium of Marian Devotion at tanbooks.com

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby is at frkirby.com

Get A Journey to Mount Carmel at sophiainstitute.com

Christopher Shannon is at Christendom.edu

Get American Pilgrimage at Ignatius.com