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Vocation Rosary
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Vocation Rosary
10:30am - 11:00am

Monday, 06/20/22, Driving Home the Faith

Today, Brian Burch from CatholicVote will discuss the increase in vandalism at churches and pro-life organizations around the country, Samantha Kelley will introduce the FIERCE Athlete organization for Catholic women, and more – plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.
Joe Heschmeyer is at shamelesspopery.com and catholicbooksdirect.com
Douglass Leadership Institute is at DLInstitute.org
Life Issues Institute is at lifeinstitute.org
The Ruth Institute is at ruthinstitute.org
CatholicVote is at catholicvote.org
The CatholicVote church vandalism tracker is at CatholicVote.org
Preview “The Sacred Heart” video series at goodcatholic.com
FIERCE Athlete is at fierceathlete.org
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati is at cincinnatirighttolife.org
Today’s featured book:
The Early Church was the Catholic Church, shop.catholic.com