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Friday, 06/06/20, Driving Home the Faith


Happy Feast of St. Boniface! Today, Mary Rice Hasson and Fr. Rob explore how the Covid pandemic may mean death for many Catholic schools, Alan Migiorato introduces his book for parents on helping teens “Fail Forward” — and more. Plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.
Hear Peter Range’s “Say Yes to Life” podcast at annunciationradio.com 
Read Peter Range’s 10 ways we should NOT go back to normal after COVID-19 below
Read “COVID-19 Relife and Saving Catholic Schools” online at thepublicdiscourse.com
The National Catholic Bioethics Center is online at ncbcenter.org
Read “The ‘How’ of Evangelism” online at crisismagazine.com
Today’s featured book:

Top 10 Ways we should  NOT go back to “Normal” after COVID-19
by Peter Range
10. Stop Idolizing Sports. 
     a. De-emphasize sports for our family and culture. 
9. Remember and Re-prioritize family dinner. 
8. Once again build our day around prayer, rather than prayer around our day. 
    a. Initiate prayer daily. 
    b. Introduce your family to grace. 
    c. Intentional Sundays: Keep Holy the Sabbath.   
7. No longer ignore Lazarus at the gate. Remember the poor. 
6. Don’t pull in your garage. Park in your driveway and sit on your porch. Love thy neighbor. Your next-door neighbor.  
5. No longer view your workplace as a job where you are employed, but rather a mission field where you’ve been deployed. Sanctify the Work Place. 
   a. Three W’s. 
   b. Sanctify your time. 
   c. Sanctification requires sacrifice. 
4. Do not believe in a life that has no meaning. It’s time to actually Evangelize.  
   a. What’s the good news?
   b. A few practical suggestions. 
3. Forget about the separation of Church and State. Engage local and national politics.  
   a. Drag shows have become a norm in our society. Prepare to engage, love and offend. 
2. No longer let others form your children. Parents need to reclaim the mantle of being primary educators of their children. 
1. Cease to ignore the greatest holocaust the world has ever seen. Commit every fiber of our being to ending abortion in our nation.