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Driving Home The Faith Podcast


Driving Home the Faith

Fr Rob Jack hosts Driving Home the Faith, catching you up on what’s going on in the world, across the country and in our local Catholic community. 

Driving Home the Faith 2024.04.26

Apr 26, 2024
Today Fr. Andy Roza explains how you can begin, or use more of, Ignatian prayer through the Cloisters app, Francis Maier explains what Catholics think about the Church, and much more. The...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.22

Dec 22, 2023
Today, Catholic adventurer Steve Ray will talk with Fr. Rob about Bethlehem when Jesus was born and Bethlehem today, Editor Eric Sammons will talk about recent articles on “Crisis Magazine”...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.21

Dec 21, 2023
Today, David Cooley from the Diocese of Covington will talk with Fr. Rob about little-known songs for Advent and Christmas, psychologist Fr. Paul Sullins explains how research shows that so-called...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.19

Dec 19, 2023
Today, Dr. Jozef Zalot of the National Catholic Bioethics Center tells us the most common questions their bioethicists are asked by doctors and medical practitioners, Catholic traveler Steve Ray...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.18

Dec 18, 2023
Today, “EpicPew” founder Sean McAfee talks with Fr. Rob about his new book about sacramentals–and why they matter; Alvin Lui of Courage is a Habit warns us about the cult-like methods school...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.15

Dec 15, 2023
Today, Brian Clowes of Human Life International tells us about Asia’s largest pro-life gathering; the Order of Malta’s Ambassador to Palestine Michele Bowe updates us on the difficulties staff...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.14

Dec 14, 2023
Today, Fr. Rob will talk Saint John of the Cross with Fr. Donald Haggerty and how to be the apostle God means you to be with Stephen Gabriel — and much more. Get “Saint John of the...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.13

Dec 13, 2023
Today, Deacon and seminary teacher Tracy Jamison talks with Fr. Rob about St. John of the Cross and his influence today; prolific writer Joseph Pearce introduces his new history book explaining the...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.12

Dec 12, 2023
Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! Today, Chris and Glencora Pipkin tell us how we can recover the 12 Days of Christmas in our families, parenting expert Alan Migliorato talks with Fr. Rob about...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.11

Dec 11, 2023
Today, Fr. Robert Nixon joins us to explain how a saint’s classic book can help us in a battle we all face, Catholic adventurer Steve Ray explains more of the “Twelve Unknown Sorrows of...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.08

Dec 08, 2023
Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception! Today, Fr. John Waiss joins Fr. Rob to discuss how to talk about Mary to Protestants, popular speaker Tim Francis tells us what science says about...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.07

Dec 07, 2023
Today, Katherine Bogner joins us to introduce her book “All About Advent & Christmas,” Dr.Jennifer Roback Morse explains how crisis pregnancy centers (and unborn children) are under attack...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.06

Dec 06, 2023
Happy St. Nicholas Day! It’s our pledge day, please support our work and help us keep bringing you all our local and national programs you. Dayton Right to LIfe is at 

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.05

Dec 05, 2023
Today, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle tells us how to celebrate Advent with Our Lady of Fatima, Catholic adventurer Steve Ray begins an explanation of “the Twelve Unknown Sorrows of Mary,” and...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.04

Dec 04, 2023
Happy Advent! Today, Kristen Theriault of Catholic Exchange ttalks with Fr. Rob about recent and upcoming notable articles, Benedictine Fr. Robert Nixon explains how his new translation of a book...