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Driving Home The Faith Podcast


Driving Home the Faith

Fr Rob Jack hosts Driving Home the Faith, catching you up on what’s going on in the world, across the country and in our local Catholic community. 

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.07

Dec 07, 2023
Today, Katherine Bogner joins us to introduce her book “All About Advent & Christmas,” Dr.Jennifer Roback Morse explains how crisis pregnancy centers (and unborn children) are under attack...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.06

Dec 06, 2023
Happy St. Nicholas Day! It’s our pledge day, please support our work and help us keep bringing you all our local and national programs you.Dayton Right to LIfe is at 

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.05

Dec 05, 2023
Today, Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle tells us how to celebrate Advent with Our Lady of Fatima, Catholic adventurer Steve Ray begins an explanation of “the Twelve Unknown Sorrows of Mary,” and...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.04

Dec 04, 2023
Happy Advent! Today, Kristen Theriault of Catholic Exchange ttalks with Fr. Rob about recent and upcoming notable articles, Benedictine Fr. Robert Nixon explains how his new translation of a book...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.30

Dec 04, 2023
Today, Elizabeth Pham and Eric Sammons introduce two great Christmas books for families, Laura Strietmann of Greater Cincinnati Right to Life invites us to a special pro-life profession and...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.12.01

Dec 01, 2023
Today, Jesuit Father Robert McTeigue talks with Fr. Rob about what Eucharistic revival means, Fr. Jonathan Meyer reflects on the Eucharist, and much more!Read “Will There be a Eucharistic...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.29

Nov 29, 2023
Today, Deacon Joe Grote explains how his new book for fathers, grandfathers, and fathers-to-be can inspire every day of the year, Dr. Jeff Hefelfinger from the Augustine Institute explains why...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.28

Nov 28, 2023
Today, Jesuit Father Paul Lickteig talks with Fr. Rob about St. Francis Xavier — and the historic Cincinnati church named for him, which celebrates its reopening after a renovation on the...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.27

Nov 27, 2023
Welcome back to our first post-Thanksgiving live show! Today, Fiat Classical Academy Board Member Bradley Macke joins Fr. Rob to talk about this new high school opening in Aurora, Indiana, for...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.22

Nov 22, 2023
Today, Patrick Macke joins Fr. Rob talk about the first anniversary of Greater Cincinnati’s chapter of Young Catholic Professionals–and how to celebrate; Ann Andriacco from the Equestrian Order...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.21

Nov 21, 2023
Today, Fr. Jonathan Meyer invites us all to the biggest free Christmas light show around, Deacon Joe Grote introduces his new book for fathers (and grandfathers, and fathers-to-be), and much...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.20

Nov 20, 2023
Today, Eric Sammons joins us from “Crisis” to talk about recent and upcoming articles, Fr. Robert Nixon introduces his new translation of a book by St. Albert the Great and explains why it’s...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.17

Nov 17, 2023
Today, UD’s Dr. Michael Carter talks with Fr. Rob about Native American Catholicism and how “Indigenous People’s Day” downplays the important heritage of Native American saints,...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.16

Nov 16, 2023
Today, Dr. Scott Hefelfinger of the Augustine Institute introduces a new video series on the Jesse Tree devotion — for adults! Rep. Jennifer Gross from the Ohio House talks with Fr. Rob about the...

Driving Home the Faith 2023.11.15

Nov 15, 2023
Today, Ohio artist and illustrator talks about illustrating the famous Canticle of the Three Children from the Book of Daniel — for children; Kristen Gallagher from SVDP-Cincinnati talks with Fr....